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This state-of-the-art system engages customers with a fun experience in restaurants, nightclubs, and even luxury hotels! It increases customers' appetites and generates more orders with dynamic multi-media, mouth-watering promotions, and multi-touch interactions. Guests are also allowed to share their unique experience right away, in Touch Menu.

Customized Digital Menu

The Digital Menu takes center stage, but there are other great features available as well. Choose from a variety of features to customize the Touch Menu to your venue and improve the customer experience and service.

Video Help Call

Corporate Branding

Menu item specific HD- images/ videos


Multi-touch makes for a mouth-watering experience. Smart phone and tablet savvy customers instantly find the system natural and immediately start to use multi-touch gestures to swipe through menu items and zoom in to see food and drink photos. Customers new to multi-touch are immediately intrigued and soon find themselves immersed in the interactive experience as well.

Versatile Promotions

Engage your customers with targeted promotions and advertising. Get their attention at just the right time in the right location, and entice them to act on the promo or ad through interactivity. Touch Menu provides the perfect platform to covert cross-sales and up-sales.

Your Specials - Catch the deal!

Virtual Chef Recommendation

Cocktail Builder & Wine Pairing

Gift Order

Basic Ads

Ads Plus


Attractive and Informative - The Menu pops off the screen with crystal clear graphics and gives customers an informed choice in ordering with text box descriptions, photos, and Specials/Recommendations videos

Fast, Easy and Accurate - The intuitive interface design and multi-touch make ordering fast and easy. With pinpoint touch screen precision and responsiveness, e-ordering ensures accurate orders every time.

Order Manager

Cancel/update/print orders in real time

View, manage, and export order history

Customized Point-Of-Sale (POS)integration upon request

Kitchen alert upon request


Put demographics aside, as customers of any age or gender will find the custom features, apps, and games included in the Touch Menu a lot of fun.

Play Game (self, friend/group)

Drink/food customization

Watch Gallery slides

Check Events


Table to Table Chat – Say hi to a person or group at another Touch Menu table by starting a chat and even have the ability to buy them a drink with a flick of a finger

Social Networking – customers can follow your latest updates at facebook and twitter and/or choose to spread a message about your unique venue to their friends and followers right through the Touch Menu

Web 2.0 Media - Highly interactive environment makes your venue popular on Yelp and Google local

Secure Cloud Server

  • Secured administration and access privileges
  • Customer data backup
  • Activity analytics


Make your Touch Menu truly one of a kind. by customizing the features of the menu even further with unique plug-ins.

Nutrition label Add nutrition facts to your dishes/drinks so that health conscious customers can tap an a nutrition icon to find nutrition info

Multi-language capability Anyone using the Touch Menu can simply tap the multi-language icon and choose from languages other than the default English. The interface is able to support Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, and Chinese.

3D marketing game

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