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Hardware for Interactive Touch Menu: Table, iPad, kiosk, window..

The I2 Touch Menu presents unique options for establishment owners to display their menu and helps to create a tech-savvy, high-end atmosphere. Customers are familiar with the technology and are impressed with the look and feel of it.

With flexible usage options for service, Touch Menu can be integrated at in a variety of ways. Here are the various hardware options to integrate Touch Menu into your hospitality or retail establishment:


Make your establishment's table surfaces interactive. It can be a great way for customers to mingle at an upscale lounge setting or have fun at a group dinner. With easy drink customization, brisk service, fun games and table to table chat, the table top solution is an instant hit with partygoers and restaurateurs.


The eye-popping device is mobile, flexible, adoptable, durable and dependable with a long battery life. It is small enough for the servers to keep in their pockets to present to customers and tally up orders, it can be mounted on to a table and be optionally detachable, and it can even be given to restaurant walk‐in customers by the host/hostess to act as a table paging device, to preview the menu, order drinks from the bar, and/or preorder menu items.

Storefront Window

Attract customers by projecting your digital menu on the outside of the establishment or present it for customers to browse when waiting for a table. It's still at work when your host/hostess is busy and even after closing.


7-15" mounted displays.


Floor standing kiosks to be placed outside the establishment to preview the menu as well as smaller 15" kiosks to be mounted to the table/bar for ordering. It can be mounted to a restaurant booth for instant ordering or at a hip coffee shop for customers to create their custom coffee orders and to use as an internet connect device for checking email, browsing and social networking.