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Touch Menu for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars

Touch Menu is so flexible and adoptable that it can be customized and branded for use in virtually any food or drink based venue you can think of. Some common establishments where Touch Menu can be implemented are: Upscale sit‐down restaurants, alcoholic beverage focused nightclubs, wine bars and brew pubs, fast‐service oriented delis, coffee shops and fast‐food restaurants, and retail based grocery stores.

Sit-down Restaurants

Enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant with the high-tech and high-end Touch Menu. It comes loaded with fun and convenient features to improve the overall customer experience and service.

Where Touch Menu can help?
  • Menu navigation
  • Enjoy digital dinner atmosphere
  • Guide guest with multimedia
  • Full showcase of each dish
  • Re-order at any time
  • VIP experience
  • Multi-language
  • Web solution capability
  • Check promotions
  • Live support any time


Touch Menu is an upscale attraction that gives guests a VIP experience at your venue. Wow them with an eye-popping e-menu for ordering and engage them with interactivity while they mingle. It is a great centerpiece for the tables at your nightclub and is guaranteed be a hot spot where guests want to be at.

Where Touch Menu can help?
  • Gift drinks
  • DJ song ordering
  • Customize drinks
  • Social fun
  • Atmosphere

Fast-service Restaurants

Speed up service and table turns with the latest craze for fast‐service eateries. Provide a fast and accurate ordering system that guarantees happy customers. The fun and ease of ordering can also increase the average bill total per table.

Where Touch Menu can help?
  • Quick order
  • Speed turns
  • Clear selling goals
  • High satisfaction

Coffee Shops

A perfect instant ordering solution for hip coffee shops that want to provide customers with the latest technology and a cool atmosphere. With the Touch Menu, customers can create their custom coffee orders,and use it as an internet connect device for checking email, browsing and social networking.

Where Touch Menu can help?
  • Quick order
  • Speed turns
  • Social Fun
  • High satisfaction


Enhance the convenience and efficiency of the shopping experience for your tech-savvy customers. Provide a kiosk or wall-hanging display at the entrance for customers to browse and search for items and take advantage of promotions.

Where Touch Menu can help?
  • iphone/Android integration
  • Grocery Recommendation
  • Daily promotion update