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Captivate your customers with the digitally delectable TouchMenu: the high-tech enhancement in ordering that gives patrons a high-end experience at restaurants, nightclubs, and beyond!

For Owners

Revenue Booster

TouchMenu is an ultimate sales and service boosting solution for food & beverage venues ready to stand out among local competition. It creates a popular attraction to bring customers in and generates extra revenue.

For Advertisers

Quality Advertising

The end users of TouchMenu pay much more attention on our screen than regular digital signage. In addition to extended exposure, your ads via TouchMenu also lead to a much higher touch rate, and even the potential of a direct sale through the system.

Featured Clients

Essential for Venues looking to:

  • Achieve a viral word-of-mouth excitement both online and within local community
  • Raise the order amount in average and volume
  • Be able to provide VIP services to every guest
  • Seamlessly integrate venues with social networking to meet new customer habits
  • Improve customer service and increase customer loyalty
  • Entertain guests with a unique and fun dining experience