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Benefits for Owners

Touch Menu provides a unique ordering experience by enticing customers with perfectly captured images of menu items, finely crafted and accurate item descriptions and facts, and even promotional videos of food/drink specials, all in mouth-watering clarity.

Engage Guests

Boost Sales

Replace Print Menus

Save Costs

Attract Customers

Eye-catching signage

Convert a section of your front window into large interactive digital signage a live Touch Menu interface.

A unique and trendy hot spot

Viral buzz and fancy food service experience continuously drives customers and their friends in! The Interactive2 Touch Menu systems prepares you to stand out from the competition.

Provide a Personalized VIP Experience

Lower perceived wait time

Customers are having a great time examining nutrition labels, watching videos, flipping through the specials, playing games, using social media apps, and even chatting with guests at another table.

Virtual Chef/Bartender

Now Touch Menu allows customers to control the order process at their own pace. A virtual chef or bartender pops up to provide instructions on explaining favorite menu items, or even recommendations.

Boost Sales

Happy customers are loyal customers

The VIP hospitality experience they receive keeps their attention and focus on your establishment. They return before long to enjoy the tasteful food, better service, and happy atmosphere, again.

Appetizing Menu

Eye-catching HD videos, images, and cross-board popups makes customers hungrier and thirstier to order more food and drinks; and all of these setups can be done on the fly, way faster, easier, and cooler than a paper menu or blackboard.

Versatile promotions

Call Interactive2 to know how our system works or receive a white paper on how our system up-sell your food and increase revenue.

Market Effectively

Virally Spread the Wow Factor in your venue

Touch Menu is a great way to let your guests tell their friends about your venue, even right while they are at the table!

High-tech and high-end Image

Touch Menu is the latest and most reliable innovation in presenting food & beverage in a dynamic fashion. Additionally, the stylish convenience through the Touch Menu system appeals to modern customer habits. It doesn't take long for local and national media to pay attention as well.

Go Mobile

The Touch Menu system now natively supports iPad, and is compatible with iPhone/Android, which opens more options for customers to access various services within a venue. The portability of the device makes it so easy to order anywhere. The module and mobile device support options can be chosen strategically to best serve customers in different zones, or at different time span.

Save Cost

The easy, on-the-fly updates through the backend Menu Manager dramatically decreases menu preparation time and the headaches that go along with traditional printed menu updates. Managers are able to wirelessly push an instant update on any promotions, new menu items, deals, events, and screen styles in a restaurant, or even multiple restaurant locations.