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Interactive2 TouchDirectory, by 22MILES, is a dynamic touch screen information hub that provides helpful assistance to the guests or tenants of your property. From a Digital Directory, to an Interactive Wayfinding Map, to Virtual Concierge services, to a Green Energy Dashboard and even revenue-boosting Advertisements and Promotions, TouchDirectory is the next-gen solution for your building.

High Returns

Offer advertising; promote internally; showcase property; prevent printing costs

Easy Management

Easily update the directory and map; quickly save and synchronize to all systems

Green Technology

Low power consumption; Green Energy dashboard; E-update saves Costs and Environment.


Interactive2 opens up a new world for touchscreen directory Kiosk facilities in modern properties. This sustainable system serves new guests intuitive directory assistance and wayfinding help, provides tenants with tailored concierge services, displays monitored building information in a visual dashboard, and presents your property with a noble image in front of prospects.

Interactive2 Touch Directory

Rewarding for Everyone!


  • High Returns
  • Impressive showcase of the property
  • Green Investment


  • Super Easy Administration
  • Instant updates keep content accurate always


  • Tenant directory services to impress guests
  • Brand Promotion
  • Enjoy local concierge services


  • Multitouch guarantees great impression
  • Convenient wayfinding and information hub


  • High-end building image
  • Media Attention
  • Provide needed information