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All of the features in Touch Directory have been designed to maximize efficiency and convenience, while providing an interactive experience with Wow Factor. The cutting-edge capabilities like Multi-Touch gesture support and dynamic Wayfinding attract users to intuitively play with the system; behind-the-scenes features like remote update, statistics, green sensor integration, and a drag & drop designer for managers to easily keep floor/campus map and directory information accurate. See below to find out more industry-leading features the Touch Directory.

Digital Directory

To match the traditional user habits, the directory is included to provide the fastest and most intuitive way for busy guests to find and locate information. Compared to the print signage, Interactive2 Touch Directory allows users to sort through various search categories effortlessly. Alternatively, guests can just tap the Search button, and the onscreen keyboard pops up for a smart search at their convenience. Integrated with an intelligent wayfinding system, the touch directory automatically populates the selected information to the map, visually.

Clean Directory Listing

Simple and effective listing of floors, rooms, tenants or any search criteria you choose to specify. Makes finding information quicker and easier for users.

Smart Search

Simply touch the search button to quickly find a name, room, department, store, etc. Enter in the first few characters of your query and smart search will provide relevant results.

Virtual Visualization

Every aspect of the Touch Directory is synchronized with and reflected upon the map; making it super simple for users to visualize their routes and find their destinations.

Onscreen Keyboard

Achieve a sleek kiosk by getting rid of a physical keyboard. The pop-up keyboard is there when you need it, but hides away when you don't; thus maximizing screen real estate.

Interactive Map

The Touch Directory's interactive wayfinding map brings a revolution to traditional directory kiosks. The unique multitouch capable map supports 2.5D buildings and floormaps, and facilitates guests to intuitive navigation of your property, with Wow Factor. The interactive map displays all the key points-of-interest that both guests and tenants need and want to know within your building/campus. This new wayfinding kiosk experience leads to an enjoyable endeavor for guests among any age group with accurate and fast responsiveness, and smooth graphics like the automatic route animation to their destination.

Automatic Animation

Animated features like route display and flashing map icons are instant and come standard. Convenient visual cues and directions that keep users from ever having to trace the map or manually orient themselves.


Zoom in to see more detail of the map or zoom out to see the map in its entirety and find clear landmarks.

Pop-up Info Boxes

Give users helpful information via single touch to a map icon and they can make informed selections in choosing their destination.

Concierge Suite

The Concierge Suite consists of awesome location-based add-ons that enhance your Touch Directory system by turning it into a community information hub with convenience. Equip your Touch Directory with all the information and services that people would normally access at a concierge/information desk. Choose from a variety of additional digital add-ons to provide information and services at user's fingertips.

Event Calendar

Display upcoming events in a dynamic calendar. Integrate promos and multimedia or even provide the ability for users to sign up for events by submitting their email address.

Social Media Connection

Easy and secure access to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp. So they can check in, follow your online page, and become your fans.

Traffic & Weather

Integrate Traffic, Gas, and Weather widgets into a local map to quickly find the best route home, purchase best gas, and check the forecast.

Restaurant & Show Finder

Find local restaurant, movie theater, sports games or concerts and reserve table/seat or buy a ticket.

News, Business & Sports Info Ticker

Add a scrolling ticker to the interface of Touch Directory itself or to the digital signage screen saver. You are able to create custom messages as well.

Mobile NFC

Download turn-by-turn directions, meeting schedules, and coupons to mobile devices and be on the way. Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

3rd Party Apps

Optional 3rd party support to integrate your favorite widgets into the Touch Directory. Additional add-ons may be available upon request. Call an Interactive2 representative to inquire about available add-ons.

Maximize ROI

Maximize your ROI with dynamic advertisements and promotions. Choose to monetize a small portion or the vast majority of your unused screen space with effective specials, promos, or even custom marketing messages. Contact an Interactive2 representative see which advertising option might be best for your property.

New Focus

Include local advertisements and promotions. You will benefit from "one-to-one" user interaction with your promotions in Interactive2 Touch Directory kiosk system.

Versatile integration

Without hampering the directory or wayfinding functions, you are able to integrate advertisements and promotions into most empty screens via the backend management system or even put them right within the map and directory selections.

Dynamic Ads

Make your ads interactive by allowing a proactive touch and distributing coupons to a kiosk user. Call an Interactive2 representative to check out the possibilities.

Rich Media

Rich internet applications and HD multi-media attract any audience to approach the kiosk and get immersed by this new generation kiosk system.

3rd-Party Promos

Optional support for 3rd party signage or sensor system integration.

Content Management System

The Touch Directory comes bundled with CMS software that gives your systems administrator or building manager the ability to easily create and upkeep all the content within the map, directory, and even add-on modules like, corporation news, room info, and beyond! The handy system puts a full mapping/content management tool in your hands. It's a breeze to manage multi-floor maps with drag & drop simplicity, and maintain an accurate content with just a few clicks. Excel-compatibility allows uploading large amounts of data at once with the "Batch Upload" feature.

You can keep advanced features like digital signage and dynamic advertisements up to date and relevant as well, with easy management and scheduling. Manage your digital signage screen saver photos/videos/widgets, upload a new ad on the map, edit a promo in the Local Amenities, schedule upcoming events in the Event Calendar, etc.


Easy backend upkeep for maps, directory information, and more, with drag-and-drop simplicity. Instant updates that keep content fresh and accurate.

Batch Upload

Upload large amounts of data and multi-media files at your convenience.

Advanced Features Management

Keep your digital signage, ads and promos, and other plug-ins fresh by creating/updating on-the-fly or schedule new/updated content to synchronize with your systems at a later time.