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Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks - Directory and Wayfinding Systems

Interactive2 can be your total Touch Directory solution provider with support for multitouch displays from 19" – 65" and over a dozen turnkey kiosk solutions available with even a Touch Wall up to 6' x 4'. Simply give us a broad overview of what you are looking for with some basic specs and we will do the research for you and present you with detailed options. Once you have chosen your system, we can do the design, implementation, integration, installation, and ongoing support.

Building Kiosks 32"- 65"

The Interactive2 new generation Touch Directory Kiosk System has become the cutting-edge trend in various types of properties. Touch screen kiosks are quickly replacing traditional digital signage and even print wayfinding signage. Stay ahead of the curve and provide your tenants and guests a high-end while high-tech directory and information hub.

Featured Hardware?

Contact Interactive2 for a full list of available kiosk or even customization options for your project.

Information Wall

Large-display flat screen or projected technology is available on the large glass screens by the Interactive2 engineering team. We can also build you a custom wall made up of multiple screens and also one giant screen as another option. No matter the size or the technology you choose from us, any information wall implementation is guaranteed to impress with Wow Factor and demand your audience's engagement.

Outdoor Kiosks 32", 42"

Weather and vandal proof, our outdoor kiosks are rugged and dependable. They are great for providing service where the user needs it, and also for attracting visitors to your property.