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BPS Player

Multitouch capable with "iPhone-like" gestures

Swipe through slides packed with multimedia, zoom in on maps/photos/documents, rotate a 3D model, etc… Present it to your customers yourself and/or have your customers interact with it.

Vibrant Graphics and Cool Animations

High resolution interfaces with numerous templates to choose from. We create awesome themes with custom branded graphic design. Add cool animations to liven up your presentations even more.

Digitalize your Materials

Convert valuable product, sales and marketing materials into interactive e-brochures and e-flyers. The materials in PDF form can even be made to "come alive" with website, photo or video integration. Carry a virtually unlimited amount of dynamic information in the field so you are always prepared.

3D models and Rich Media

Interactive 3D support; use multitouch to rotate, zoom, assemble/dissemble products. An attractive HD photo/video viewer displays your media throughout the system.

Catalog Your Portfolio

Organize your digital materials into an intuitive interface that allows you locate information quickly. Create clearly defined main categories and subcategories that showcase your e-brochures, e-flyers, photos, videos, and 3D models of your products.

Materials Distribution

Add selected materials to a "Favorites" cart and then have the option to send those materials to the customer via email or download to USB locally.

Contact Collection and Data Capture

You can collect the customer's contact information by manual input with an onscreen keyboard or even a badge scanner add-on for tradeshow use. The system records all actions made including materials viewed, selected and sent by user session and timestamp.

BPS Designer/Manager

Presentation Designer

A design tool used to create multitouch presentations without the hassle of programming. The worry-free desktop software makes producing powerful presentations painless.

Content Manager

A marketing materials manager, a menu/interface manager, and a media manager all in one easy-to-use tool. Update on-the-go with easy uploading and effortless drag-and-drop customization to keep your Touch Presenter fresh with relevant content.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Intuitive content creation and editing for easy administration. With drag-and drop simplicity and an easy-to-use "excel-like" management interface, virtually anyone with a bit of PC experience can be your administrator.

Multi-Workspace Support

Create project templates for various sales campaigns, sales regions, tradeshows and/or events. Manage multiple projects at the same time and send the updates out to various systems.

Email Template Editor

Update the HTML and text for email templates used for various projects.

Supports JPGs, PNGs, most videos, PDFs, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files, 3rd-party applications, and multitouch interactive 3D models.

BPS Server

Local Server

fast data transfer of HD content; more secure for sensitive material; portable

Cloud Server

Better for managing multiple projects and collaboration; can set multiple user access rights; easy remote updates

Tools, Add-ons & Plug-ins

Add-ons are feature enchantments that make your Touch Presenter even more dynamic. We also build completely unique touch screen presentation plug-ins that stand on their own as awesome apps. Include these additions and upgrades in your Touch Presenter to truly make it one-of-a-kind and boost performance.

Analytics tools Advanced 3D modeling Badge scanner integration CRM integration

Attractive Loop Data Visualization Marketing games Custom Theme/Branding