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Hardware for Business Presentations: large-format or mobile for trade shows, retail, or office

Magic Glass Wall

Up to an 80" touch screen surface with an even larger glass wall. Perfect for tradeshows or retail uses. Uses projected technology with a touch screen foil. The foil can be applied to any glass surface. Ex. store front window.


Perfect for taking presentations on the road on sales trips or putting the presentation app in the viewer's hands at a tradeshow.


Go big! With such installations as Multi-User / Multitouch wall, up to 5 meters and 36 touch points!

Multitouch Monitor

42" - 65" floor standing mobile multitouch screen that can be used in a variety of applications. Also can be mounted or enclosed on or within a wall for permanent installations.

Multitouch Table

32" - 65" multitouch table that is great for collaborative presentations.

HP TouchSmart

Great semi-portable all-in-one touch screen solution for presenting.