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Markets, verticals, and uses for Interactive Business Presentation systems

Trade Shows

Interactive, engaging tradeshow presentations create a dynamic dimension attracting visitors to your booth and highlighting your company's products and services. BPS creates visually captivating presentations that bring an added benefit of having your prospects as active participants, because they likely will become advocates of your products during and after the tradeshow. These high-powered presentations engage viewers in interactive visual and audio experiences as they are taken on a guided tour of your company's products and services.

Once you capture your audience's attention, the trade show presentation will effectively inform them about the products and services you are offering. This accomplishes pre- selling, automatically allowing your company representatives at the trade show to efficiently close deals.

Presentation at Trade show Booth

Create a unique attraction for your booth. The Business Presentation System is a great way to showcase your product while being a show-stopper.

Lead Retrieval

Interactive Sales App offers the solution to all of these lead retrieval issues, with its clean design and easy-to-use interface you can rest assured that your lead data is captured in a single place.


You have a lot to say but only one shot to reach your audience. And in this economy, you can't afford to lose someone's attention. BPS helps you achieve success in every important place: Sales, Marketing, Business Networking, and Training & Learning.


Close the deal with potential clients and/or up sell current clients with BPS. Ideal for boosting lead generation and overall sales performance.


Prepare a marketing portfolio for client groups, across different departments, or for collaborating on ideas with colleagues. Deliver content to various devices in the office or out in the field.


Training and Learning

Retail Sales Promotion

An eye-catching sales and marketing tool to bring customer into your store. Give your customers the ability to browse products and even make purchases outside of your store.

Capturing the attention of your students is the key. But, utilizing different types of curriculum material can be difficult. Equipped with awesome tools like "live" PDF's and rich media, you have everything you need to create an interactive and fun presentation for students.

Church and Worship

Public Sector

Increase the impact of your message to your congregation through dynamic, rich media presentations. Whether at a church gathering/event, at bible study, or even in the church lobby, the presentation system is s great piece of interactive technology for people to convene around and be impressed.

Government run organizations looking to gain exposure, expand their reach, boost convenience and provide maximum information can benefit from BPS.