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Incredible Presentations. Incredible Results.

Create a Buzz

Have a traffic-stopping attraction at an exhibition. Touch Presenter is designed to easily create a viral buzz at your booth, during your presentation, or through online media, where many people can rave about your brand.

Engage your Audience

Draw in potential customers and prospective clients with an eye-catching, live, and highly interactive presentation. Keep customers engaged by having them experience you brand and products by their hands, eyes, ears, and hearts.

Generate Solid Leads

Touch Presenter integrates with lead retrieval tools and captures user data such as time spent on each product/service, user name and email. We help to dig deeper than a business card during your presentations, which makes it much easier to remember the client, track their interests, and send a more personalized follow up.

Facilitate Sales

Please consult with our sales team for an after-presentation tool demo on deal closing facilitation.

Keep in Contact

Making an impression and generating a lead are only the beginning. Touch Presenter comes with a great materials distribution feature in which user selected materials can be automatically sent to a lead's email. This means long after you have made your initial connection in person, you will be reaping the rewards of email marketing with attached sales materials.

Be a Brand Ambassador

Touch Presenter positively represents your brand 24x7, and carries the message out to the public, where your brand's exposure is maximized. Interactivity makes sure the interested products or services could be quickly located and dynamically displayed, while your brand is burned into the hearts and minds of your audience.

Go "Green" and Save Costs

As a total "Green" solution, the proven paperless system helps companies reduce their carbon footprint by housing and distributing any or all of their digital product portfolios, sales e-brochures and marketing e-flyers.

"Without having to ship heavy equipment and print paper flyers, the final cost of our ISSA 2010 tradeshow was almost 20% less than last year." - Jeffrey Culver, Chief Marketing Manager, Betco Incorporated.

Easily Manage Content

With a Content Manager, you can effortlessly update contents on-the-fly anytime or build resource templates for various events, tradeshows or sales regions. The updates can easily be sent out though the Touch Presenter systems in any location for sales and marketing reps to share just when they need them.

Premium Support

We have various service/support options available, including: standard phone/email/remote, premium with remote/onsite installation, training, extended warranty and lifetime upgrade options. Custom SLA's are also available upon request.