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About Interactive2 (Interactive Squared)

Interactive2 specializes in providing interactive, multitouch solutions to businesses of all sizes, to fill all types of touchscreen system needs.

Interactive2 (pronounced “Interactive Squared”) stands for Interactive Hardware X Interactive Software. This perfect combination has proven to be a multiplication for multitouch, and not just a sum of the two separated parts.  Here’s why:


Beginning with the iPhone in 2007, the touch phenomenon has caught fire all over the globe. Over 45 million people in the U.S. alone now own and love a touchscreen mobile device, which they carry with them everywhere and use all the time. But why was the iPhone such a bright spark?


Tactile touchscreen hardware coupled with intuitive multitouch software is an evolutionary turning point.


Neither the software nor the hardware could have achieved this leap independently. Powerful handsets had existed before the iPhone, and great UI design was waiting on the fringes of mobile development. Still, people had struggled with potent hardware crippled by cumbersome stylus-based interaction and inadequate touchscreens, and excellent software was hampered by slow hardware and bad operating systems.The strong points had never been synthesized in a way that truly showed us how good a touch device could be.


Today, however, there is no longer a reason to suffer through a clunky touchscreen experience out of plain necessity. The new wave of dynamic natural finger-based user interaction coupled with excellent hardware is enjoying near-universal adoption by the public for its wow factor, convenience, and tremendous newly unlocked feature potential. Take the iPad and the other new tablets for example, and you can clearly see how touch devices have grown exponentially better. And the next step, what began on the iPhone is now exploding onto a huge variety of much bigger screens. The futuristic touch interfaces we saw in movies and dreamed about are finally here, and Interactive2 is at the forefront. We bring a wide variety of custom-tailored touch solutions to your business quickly, effectively, and economically.


If you prefer more custom interactive solutions to meet your unique requirements, please visit our corporate solution website at for more information.



Award: Microsoft® Code7 Grand Prize Winner!

Among more than four thousand software teams worldwide, 22MILES won the Grand Prize at Microsoft Code 7 contest for its coding talents and design excellence in multi-touch interface design and Windows 7 programming.

22MILES was subsequently invited to present its proprietary "
Multi-Touch Wayfinding Software " at Microsoft PDC09 (Professional Developers Conference 2009) in Los Angeles, as the #1 team from the North America region.


Interctive2 Awards
Interactive2 clients- The Moment of Truth Interactive2 clients- US Navy Interactive2 clients- HSBC Bank
Interactive2 clients- the Westin San Francis Interactive2 partners- Microsoft Interactive2 partners- HP
Interactive2 partners- LG Electronics Interactive2 clients- Burton Real Estate Interactive2 clients- LBA Realty